“ITS OK”, Wood (Edition of 1,000,000) by Sighn



Wood (Edition of 1,000,000)
4 x 2 inches

A limited edition of a million.

That was the goal stated by the artist I’d come across online, a woodworker looking to make use of the small scraps left over from every project, and setting out to find a zen oneness in its repetition.

I loved the bravado of that insurmountable goal, its maddening repetition, the play on editioning, and the mild scrape of the brain I got as its failed grammar looped before me.

“It should take me about 60 years to finish,” they stated at the time. Seeking out their progress twelve years later, it appears the artist has changed their name and removed all signs of the project from their history. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

This, I also love.